Click below to see all of Suzy's video class offerings!    You can learn everything from how to make amazing smoothies to some of her families' favorite meals! Classes are just $10 & they come with the recipes and step-by-step "cook along" style video instruction. 


“Love, love, love the dinner class!  My husband sends his appreciation. I just had so much fun cooking!  I don't know if I have ever said that before!  I love this so much!  I am all in! This is definitely a step up from my crockpot frozen dinners!”

— Sherie
“Your class was so wonderful!  I learned so much.  You're a fabulous teacher!  The food was seriously so delicious!  I doubled the recipe for 8 people and there is barely enough to send in 2 lunches tomorrow!”

— Lori Ann
“Last nights dinner was awesome!  I had to go get kids so I had my 15 year old take over and when I came home dinner was ready!  It was delish! Thanks so much. My kids are already arguing over who gets to do it next!”

— Amy


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